October 11, 2019

Dear Supporters:

Menstrual equity will forever stand strong at the peak of my social justice pursuits. Countless menstruators struggle to obtain supplies to manage their menstrual flow. This is problem that is deteriorating human advancements worldwide, including in the United States and in our very own Dallas, Texas. People are forced to choose between purchasing menstrual pads or other resources that are critical to their personal success. We know that the situation has been created by many factors such as lack of government assistance; the Tampon Tax; the absence of pads and tampons in public restrooms; and the misguided teaching of menstruating as an evil, dirty occurrence that needs to be kept secret.

In the fall of 2014, Take Charge. Period. formed with a mission to address menstrual equity locally by filling bathroom cabinets of the underserved with plenty of pads and tampons, as well as encouraging everyone to talk about menstruation. Over the past 5 years we have supplied countless packages of pads and tampons to local organizations that serve our people in need.  We have influenced casual conversations about menstruation and the dire need for equity. We have accomplished our mission and have seen many organizations dedicated to menstrual equity develop in this city.

Knowing that we successfully filled a void eases the discomfort of deciding to find a new home for Take Charge. Period.. The Board of Trustees and other daily supporters agree that we need to close Take Charge. Period. and find a larger organization to take on our donations and our distribution line.

We are extremely grateful to have come across and joined forces with the like-minded, Dallas based Red (.) Project. They are a menstrual equity program developed within Hope Supply Co. who has agreed to continue with our donors and serve our recipients. Their resources are expansive and seemingly limitless. We are incredibly confident Red (.) Project will carry on the Take Charge. Period. legacy.

Take Charge. Period. is incredibly thankful for all your support throughout the years, and we hope you will continue the support through Red (.) Project. We will keep the Take Charge. Period. accounts open for a while to give you time to adjust your donations. Please reach out to Kelly McKinnon for additional information about and donating to Red (.) Project.

Kelly McKinnon

Hope Supply Co. + Red (.) Project

10480 Shady Trail, Suite 104

Dallas, Texas 75220



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Eternally Thankful,

Tammi Kollinger

Founder, Take Charge. Period.




"Perhaps the biggest problem with the conversation around menstruation is that there isn’t one."

Rhea Almeida

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